5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media Best Practices


Facebook. Twitter. Google +. Instagram. Pinterest. Vine. Exhausted yet? It can be a daunting task trying to keep up with all of the latest trends occurring on these social platforms, but fear not! With a few simple guidelines you’ll be a social media guru in no time. Let’s get started then shall we?

1. Engage Your Users

What’s the point in having all of these social media pages if your fans and followers aren’t paying attention? Many business owners simply feel that creating a Facebook or Twitter account for their business will be enough to have a presence online. If it were only that easy. Creating contests, asking questions and posting interesting content will give your followers/ fans a reason to connect with your brand and visit your page. Additionally, give your fan base an incentive to visit your page by posting special offers exclusive to various platforms. If you already have an amazing product or service, social media can be used to further enhance the customer’s experience with your brand and will go a long way in ensuring consumer loyalty.

2. Post Original Content

Being a thought leader in your industry and creating new, original content will give your followers a reason to keep tabs on your social media efforts. Incorporating blog posts, videos and images into your social media plan will all do the job of providing value and possibly entertainment (a little humor once in a while can go a long way!) to your following and keep them coming back for more. Also, consistent content creation will bring in a steady flow of new followers and will increase your credibility as a business.

3. Make Content Exclusive to Certain Channels

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with their social media is simply sharing the same content in the same exact way on all of their social media channels. Instead, cater your content to a specific channel. Chances are, the same people that are following you on Twitter or Google +, may not be a fan on your Facebook page, so content needs to be altered to peak the interests of your audience on that individual platform. For the people that are following you on multiple channels, give them a good reason to do so. If you are always posting the same content to Facebook and Twitter, they really only have to check one to get the information they need.

4. Respond to Your Fan Base

Social media isn’t just about one way communication. It provides your customers an additional outlet to voice their pleasure (or displeasure!) with your product or service. Spend a little time each day responding to questions that people may have and you’ll find that a little customer service can go a long way in ensuring that your consumers are happy and taken care of. Not responding on the other hand, could lead to the individual(s) to go running to your competitors to get what they need. There’s an old saying that goes; for every positive experience a customer has with you they’ll tell two friends, but if they have a bad experience they’ll tell six. Keep the good vibes going by listening to your customers and the good reviews will come pouring in.

5. Create a Consistent Brand Image Over Multiple Accounts

From a branding perspective, you want to always communicate a consistent image to your audience, and this rule applies to social media as well. Make sure all of your social media accounts have the same company design and message so that you position your company as one that takes pride in portraying itself the same way across multiple channels. It would be quite disastrous to take a stand on a certain issue on one network and then completely go in the other direction on another.