Influencer Marketing Services

Boucher + Co. is ready to work with you as your trusted digital marketing partner.

Boucher + Co. partners with influencers to deliver storytelling experiences across digital mediums.

We are storytellers. We work with top social influencers to create and amplify curated stories targeted to defined audiences. We develop and execute influencer-marketing strategies to drive brand engagement and online social conversations.

You will work with our in-house creative strategists, influencer project managers, digital media analysts and social media experts to define your ROIs goals and to execute your brand’s campaign from start to finish.


We select & validate top-performing influencers.


We customize an influencer strategy that works for you.


We manage content with influencers and clients for best performance.


We analyze and monitor influencer performance.

Influencer Marketing Services

  • Influencer Management
  • Influencer Program Development
  • New + Earned Media
  • Social Influencer + Blogger Outreach
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Content Creation Programs
  • Content Amplification


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