Big Changes Coming to Instagram

Starting today, Instagram will no longer limit its users to its now-iconic square photos. You heard that right: portrait and landscape photos will now be a part of your feed along with the traditional square. Though the 1×1 ratio will still be the default setting, you will be able to choose these two new ratios to better tell your story through Instagram. From beautiful wide seascapes during a sunset at a Jamaican resort to tall flower fixtures that you simply couldn’t photograph before, this change will better allow you to share what you’re most excited about.

Other changes include being able to change the intensity of your filters, allowing you even more control over the “feel” of your photographs. With 1 in 5 photographs posted to Instagram containing black or white borders to allow for portrait/landscape posts, it was only a matter of time before Instagram decided to accommodate its users’ wishes. Not having to reformat or crop your stories makes for more organic storytelling that will help connect your customers with your brand.

Bigger phone screens are flooding the market, making Instagram a platform for serious photographers to be able to display their work. Now, they are able to display their photos in their natural state without limitations. We can’t wait to see the changes to come!