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Whatever Your Goal, B+C Brings the Strategy

At B+C, we excel in leveling up your business through exceptional marketing strategies. You have an idea where you want your business to go in the months and years ahead. You might want to grow your audience or better define your audience segments to ensure a more relevant group of brand engagers. Whatever the goal, our team of B+C digital marketing experts is available to consult on the best practices for growing your business’s digital footprint.

Whether our CMO-as-a-Service option or consulting with your existing in-house marketing department or team, B+C will provide a strategic, actionable perspective when it comes to all things marketing, advertising, and branding.

B+C’s proprietary Digital Media SWOT™ process helps businesses of all sizes and stripes discover more about their current and prospective customer bases, the appeal of particular brand messaging, potential digital audience size and reach, and optimal engagement for better sales, activity, and growth.

B+C: Our Marketing Consulting Solutions

  • CMO-as-a-Service

    B+C: Your Outsourced CMO

  • 1-On-1 Marketing Consulting

    B+C: Personalized Marketing Consulting

  • Comprehensive Digital Audits

    B+C: Complete Insight Into Your Marketing Landscape

  • Ongoing Strategy Development

    B+C: Your Long-Term Partner for Strategy and Insights

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B+C: Meet Our Digital Media SWOT™

Many digital marketing agencies will jump right into certain services – e.g. paid advertising and SEO campaigns – without really knowing who must be targeted, what that audience size and reach looks like, and what the best allocation of the budget is. From Boucher + Co.’s experience, that approach does not work well.

A better alternative is to get an extremely clear picture of the digital landscape, and know the audience, budget, expectations, and challenges that will present themselves, prior to beginning a long-term campaign. Boucher + Co. has developed our proprietary Digital Media SWOT™ process to help us generate this big picture, strategic view of a client’s marketing needs.

The Digital Media SWOT™ consists of several client interviews, a detailed analysis of current and proposed marketing activities, expected results, and anticipated challenges, and takes place prior to the beginning of select long-term marketing campaigns.

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