Why Facebook Timeline for Small Businesses are Great

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that Timeline – the new profile format that most individuals have recently adopted – would be made available for Business Pages. Furthermore, Facebook boldly pressed on to say that the new format would be the default by the end of March. Naturally, the Internet and social media worlds erupted in protest in response to the announcement.

It’s no surprise that people don’t like too much change, especially when it comes to social media. Individuals have balked at everything from the original introduction of Facebook’s Timeline to personal profiles, to changes in the functionality of the social media giant’s “News Feed.”

Facebook’s Timeline humanizes Business Pages

But this time, the stakes are entirely different. Timeline for Business Pages will eventually redefine social media marketing. What was simply an empty Business Page, limited to the confines of Facebook’s guidelines will become an open-ended conversational medium between small business owners and their customers.

Initially, Timeline for Business Pages will require small business owners to learn about the changes that come with the new format. But beyond that, Timeline for Business Pages enables a company’s Facebook Page to show emotion, empathy, and genuine concern for customers’ needs and concerns. It humanizes the Business Page.

Instead of simply being a News Feed for a small business to announce new products, services, and promotions, Timeline for Business Pages allows customers to follow the company’s evolution from founding to present. It retains the ability to promote the business, allowing small business owners to “pin” important product/service announcements and promotions to the top of the company’s Timeline.

At the same time, Timeline for Business Pages also allows for more personal, one-on-one marketing with customers. Business owners can “highlight” a particular post so that it spans the entire width of the Timeline. Ideas for “highlights” may include customer testimonials and recent case studies.

Small business owners, take some time out of your day to re-brand your Facebook Business Page for the new Timeline format. Pick an interesting “cover image” that conveys the impact of your business to appear at the top of the page. Ask your clients for some interesting testimonials. The result of your efforts will be a powerful, new marketing medium that engages your customers more than ever before.