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Social Media Marketing

A full-service agency, we deliver results across paid media, owned media, and earned media. Exceptional social media identities that build lasting results while addressing your immediate ROI are our trademark. We build engagement and brand loyalty, while developing your audience into brand ambassadors. We select the right platform, help you identify the right goals, and deliver a strong ROI.


Cut through the hype and build a supreme SEO and SEM strategy. Here’s the truth: successful SEO takes serious work, much patience, and lots of fresh, fun, and relevant content. Ready for another shocker? Effective SEM services are built on measurement, analytics, and long-term ROI. The experts at B+C know that SEO and SEM must be tackled carefully and transparently, with long-term growth and ROI in the driver’s seat.

Local Advertising

Old office address on Google? Wrong phone number on City Search? Incorrect hours on Yelp? We fix those issues – and make sure they don’t happen again. Local is the epicenter of digital success. In Google’s eyes, if it’s local, it’s legit. Our team of B+C local experts work with you to keep your local business listings accurate and up-to-date, while driving both digital and brick-and-mortar traffic to your local business.

E-Commerce Solutions

When you sell your products online, you need a long-term strategy with a short-term focus on immediate sales. An alluring web design, consumer-focused content, and the right pricing all play a key role in successful e-commerce brands. B+C’s team of e-commerce experts builds a sustainable e-commerce strategy while growing your bottom-line from day-one.

Content Strategy

Content that converts. Content that engages. Content that builds loyalty. B+C’s team of copywriters creates the perfect content for your brand’s long-term marketing strategy, while addressing your company’s immediate sales and ROI needs. Did we mention that great content drives effective SEO, too?

Web Development + Branding

We build clean and effective websites for a variety of clients across different industries, while creating a brand strategy for their business. With a strong, hands-on approach, we work closely with you through each step of the creative development process.

We want you to empower your brand with the right digital strategy.

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The traditional big-box agencies that line Madison Avenue simply cannot offer the same value that our small agency can: attention from our best talent, the ability to move quickly, and consistent availability to our clients.

Building a long-term brand while generating a strong ROI immediately is the goal, making our client’s performance our top priority. We do not subscribe to any single solution to the same problem. Each project receives an individual approach to best serve the brand, the client, and most importantly, their business.

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What our clients say about us and our work

We like to say that we under-promise and over-deliver. Check out what our clients think about our approach and deliverables.

I began working with Boucher & Co. at the beginning of 2014.  My goal with them was to create an online presence for my business, and boy, has it worked!

I am so pleased with what they have accomplished with my website, and my social media on all platforms.   They have not worked with interior designers before my company, but they have taken zealous interest in understanding my business and areas of interest.  They research what they don’t know and flesh out subjects beautifully!

I feel personally taken care of.  I am not a number to them.  I and my business are personal to them.  I wish that everyone that I work with would take such total interest in my company!

Julie S.CEO

I’ve been working with Boucher + Co. for the last 3 months and am SO lucky to have found them.

Since we began work together, they have completely overhauled my website, increased my social media following (tremendously!), and implemented an incredible SEO plan. Wooo! All that in 90 days.

The money and time I have spent on Boucher + Co. is well worth it, and I will continue to do so. In fact, I don’t see it as a spend, but rather as an investment.

Boucher + Co. is helping me take my company to the next level. Gerard and his team (I work with Gerard, Ben, and Simon mostly) are all terrific to work with. They are happy, smart, and motivated individuals who not only care about Boucher + Co.’s success, but also care about the success of their clients. They have become partners who I trust to guide me through the sea of internet success, and I am from New York where we don’t trust easily.

Working with Boucher + Co. is a game changer. I highly recommend their services.

Jennifer G.Small Business Owner
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Q: Why B+C?
A: SweetSpot™

A proprietary process that functions as a personal shopper for consumers and a brand ambassador for marketers.

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