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Best Ways to Connect With Journalists

If you ever wonder what is the “best” way to connect with journalists, bloggers and editors, look no further. Vocus recently released their State of the Media Report for 2014, surveying over 250 journalists about the evolving media industry. There’s no myths or full-proof methods here; just cold, hard facts. Included in this report, are helpful […]

How to Use Twitter to Maximize Brand Engagement

Is Your Brand Paying Attention? A recent Brandwatch report states that 25% of the top brands on Twitter only utilized the platform as a means of broadcasting a message, rather than engaging with customers and other brands. Not only is this statistic shocking, due to the fact that having an engaging social media presence is […]

How to Use Facebook Insights to Better Optimize Your Posts

Are You Using Facebook Insights? Here’s a quick riddle for all the small businesses on Facebook: If you have 800 fans, how many of those fans will a post actually reach? If you said 800, you would be wrong. Thanks to Facebook’s new algorithm, the social networking giant has put an increased emphasis on paid […]

The 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Email Pitch

The Art of the Pitch For many small businesses and start-ups, getting media attention is another step toward credibility and can lead to valuable and much needed exposure. The best way to get said exposure from a publication, is through an email pitch to a journalist or editor. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong. Many have […]

Instagram Introduces Instagram Direct

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em. In yet another move made by Instagram to level the playing field with its competitors, Instagram has introduced Instagram Direct, a private messaging component to the photo sharing app. Similar to when the company released Instagram Video to compete with Vine just a few, short months ago, Instagram […]

The Miami Dolphins Are Faced With A PR Nightmare

The public relations staff of the Miami Dolphins have their work cut out for them, after the recent allegations of locker room bullying of offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, by fellow offensive lineman Richie Incognito. The team is in the midst of a media firestorm, after Martin excused himself from the team and filed a formal […]