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What does Boucher + Co. do?

Boucher + Co. provides digital marketing services to businesses looking to drive brand awareness, grow sales, and adapt to a changing marketplace in the digital era. Our core services are Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing.

Founder Gerard Boucher, in his day-to-day leadership of the agency, practices innovative and proactive marketing strategies that focus on driving immediate sales while building a long-term brand. Gerard is also our Chief Strategist, working directly with clients on their analytics and long-term digital strategy.

What budgets do you typically work with?

Boucher + Co. works with budgets of varying sizes, but generally have a $2,000 minimum monthly service budget. This does not include advertising (media) spend.

Who will be working on my account?

Boucher + Co. will typically assign a dedicated account executive, in charge of correspondence, scheduling, and reporting. Additionally, we assign a social media, SEO, or SEM manager, and a graphic designer. Our CEO, Gerard Boucher, acts as Chief Strategist for clients, helping prepare reporting, analytics, and business strategy.

How does Boucher + Co. measure client success?

Boucher + Co. measures client success through a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with specific marketing campaigns. These performance benchmarks are set during the engagement and modified based on the client’s goals. Analytics are a core part of every engagement, and every advertising campaign is tagged with a proprietary Boucher + Co. analytics code.

How often will I receive reports?

Typically, our clients receive monthly reports for all marketing campaigns. Advertising campaign reports are provided immediately after the conclusion of the advertising campaign along with actionable insights gained from the promotion. Bi-weekly and weekly reporting is available for select clients.

How long does a marketing campaign need to last to be successful?

Boucher + Co. recommends a 3-month minimum for all marketing campaigns. This gives time for research, experimentation, execution, adjustments, and analytical reporting, and helps ensure a successful campaign.

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