Your Image Guide for Social Media

What is social media all about for brands and business? Creating highly shareable content to build awareness of your brand or business to in turn, drive traffic and sales. That is the sum of it. Well, and also talking to customers, getting to know your fans and trying to please dissatisfied customers. Maybe some cross-branding too. Fine, social media is a lot of things.

BUT – if you’re pumping out grainy, pixelated, blurry photos because you’re not paying attention to the best sizes to use on each platform, people won’t want to follow you.

So, we’ve created this guide for social media platforms. We’ll show you what pixel dimensions you need to use for each platform and position on it. Lets go!

Facebook Image Dimensions:
*Note: Perfect square images also work well – we recommend 1200×1200 pixels.

Twitter Image Dimensions:
*Note: Always use an image on Twitter when possible, tweets with photos have higher engagement.

LinkedIn Image Dimensions:
*Note: You’ll never really need to do anything about the 50×50 pixel image position, but we’re being thorough for you.

Tumblr Image Dimensions:
*Note: If we’re being honest, nobody cares a ton about image size on Tumblr, but you’ll take up more scroll space with a 570×750 pixel photo.

Pinterest Image Dimensions:
*Note: Pinterest is a good place to be to create backlinks, and images of any size work well there.

Youtube Image Dimensions:
*Note: Good imagery for your header and stills for your videos can really break or make you.

Google+ Image Dimensions:
*Note: If you’re a restaurant, this is now one of your MOST important platforms. If people Google you and a bunch of ugly dishes from people photographing your food with a flash show up, you’re doomed. Oh, did we mention it is connected to Zagat?

Instagram Image Dimensions:
*Note: Instagram is always a square, but you can use different apps to create borders around your images to avoid cropping.

There you have it! That’s our little guide. We’ll be updating it as necessary for you, so if you see something wrong, SHAME US!