SEO 101: Use Industry Specific Keywords to Boost Your SEO Efforts

This is the second post of Boucher + Co.’s “SEO 101″ series. “SEO 101” is a bi-weekly column focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and commonly-held myths associated with “good” SEO practices.

Every business owner is aware of the benefits of using good keywords when performing SEO efforts on their website. After all, keywords are the most recognizable and obvious element of search engines. (i.e. we have to enter them to see the search results) But, what really constitutes a “good keyword”?

Specific keywords are “good keywords.” Specific keywords narrow down the search to a narrow market. As a result, small businesses which use specific keywords within their website and its content are more likely to be found by prospective customers that may actually buy a product or service from you. By contrast, broad keywords are not limited to a specific geographic area and cover a vast array of companies, greatly decreasing the chances that your business will be found among hundreds of others.

An example of a specific keyword is “web design new york.” An example of a broad keyword, on the other hand, is simply “web design.” The different between the two is immense. While the specific keyword targets the New York area and thus a smaller market, the broad keyword targets anywhere in the world. Think about how many web design agencies exist in the world. That’s a big number. A specific keyword should be 3-5 words long.

So how do you boost your SEO efforts using specific keywords? Include them in your content as many times as you can, without sounding repetitive. And as always, avoid “keyword stuffing.” Google – and the web community – frowns upon that practice. It’s unprofessional, and makes your website less relevant among search results.