Uncle Drew is Back! Taking a Quick Look at Pepsi’s Star Player


What do you get when you combine Pepsi Max with budding Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving? You get viral video magic, that’s what. Kyrie Irving’s back as Uncle Drew, a senior citizen who preys on unsuspecting street ballers throughout the country. The results as you can imagine, are spectacular. First debuting in May of 2012, Uncle Drew became an instant success, with over 27 million views on YouTube to date. Since then, there have been two more videos staring NBA stars Kevin Love (Chapter 2) and Nate Robinson, as well as WNBA star Maya Moore (Chapter 3), who join Drew in dominating the competition. After being released on Monday, Uncle Drew Chapter 3 already has over a million views and was trending worldwide on Twitter immediately after its release. Irving stared in, wrote and directed all three videos and the internet is constantly abuzz with thoughts of which NBA star will team up next with Irving to school these “youngbloods” on the court.

There are enough shots of people drinking Pepsi Max to remind you that this is indeed a commercial and not just a funny video. However, the spot makes sure that Irving is the star of the show, with Pepsi Max playing a convincing supporting role. Due to the success of Uncle Drew, Pepsi even tried a spin-off, tabbing NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon to don the senior makeup, and take an unsuspecting used car salesman for a test drive of a lifetime. The video did amazingly well, with over 39 million views on YouTube to date, but there’s a reason why there hasn’t been a part 2 to Jeff Gordon’s version. It’s hard to duplicate Irving’s magic. Pepsi of course, could not be more thrilled with Irving and the Marketing Arm, the agency that put this whole concept together. For the rest of us, we just can’t get enough of good ol’ Uncle Drew. Check out the video below.