Twitter Tip of the Day: Follow Current Events Using Hashtags

Follow current events using hashtags – others will notice and take action.

What better way to show your audience that you are on top of current events in your industry or field than tweeting about recent developments. This helps establish yourself as a thought leader and analyst in your industry, and benefits your personal and professional brands by increasing brand recognition and positive perception.

But what about the big question on every marketer’s mind – how do you avoid letting your tweets drown in a sea of real-time, constant information? The answer is simple: hashtags. They are an extremely important part of Twitter – a # sign followed by a keyword – that defines a topic or keyword that is presently trending. Hashtags help your tweet appear on a list of many for a particular topic. The public sees them. Your audience sees them. They get viewed, shared, and favored. You and your brand benefit by having contributed meaningfully to a broader conversation about a topic.

FAQ: When are there too many hashtags?

Is it okay to use more than one hashtag in a single tweet? Absolutely! Try striking a balance between too little or many hashtags (usually 2-3 hashtags) per tweet, or risk being perceived as stuffing your tweets with irrelevant and unnecessary keywords.