Twitter DM Changes: No Longer Enables Users to DM Anyone

Twitter DM

Well, that was fast. A few weeks ago I wrote a post detailing Twitter’s new direct message options, where one can turn off and on the ability to receive DMs from users they were not following. As of two days ago though, Twitter has taken away this option for the lucky few that it had been granted to.

Changes to Twitter DM Settings

However, this may not be the last you hear from the Twitter DM free for all. Twitter recently unveiled an update for their mobile app, and with this comes a few changes to the DM portion of the app.

There is also a great new addition to the direct messages section: suggested users. Based on what appears to be a variety of factors including DM frequency, interaction frequency and other relevant stuff, Twitter gives you a quick list of possible conversation starters. So instead of searching for people by user name, you get a ‘recents’ list. This is quicker and another sign that Twitter is paying more attention to DMs.” – Via Tech Crunch

As Twitter continues to experiment with the best options for it’s app, you can expect to see some of these temporary changes come and go based on user popularity and functionality.