The Future of the Internet

The Internet sought to provide ease of access to a plethora of information. It did just that. Hundreds of billions of webpages later, it’s clear we live an easier life in many ways. What isn’t clear, however, is where the Internet is heading in the future. With the year coming to an end, we’d like to offer our predictions.

Static web pages will continue to decrease in significance. We’re already seeing this become a reality, with the emergence of social media in the latter half of the past decade. More people today spend their time online using social media and related technologies rather than simply browsing for information.

The advent of cloud computing will forever change computing, and the Internet. Operating systems will become less prevalent, as more individuals and organizations choose to live and work “in the cloud” – that is, remotely, being able to access their information (all of it) anywhere and anytime.

For us, it means that we have to re-evaluate our product and service offerings to meet these new demands and challenges. In the past year, we watched demand for social media marketing solutions increase 250%. This year, we plan on focusing more on mobile solutions.

While basic web site design and development will probably not become obsolete for a long time, trends are rapidly changing. The future looks increasingly mobile, and always-connected. That’s welcoming news for all of us.