Social Media Secrets: The Diamond in the Rough

Before diving into the social media secrets that each platform has to offer, the most common misconception is that people believe the same rules can be applied to all the different social media platforms. That is wrong. Each message should be specifically tailored to the social media platform you wish to present it in. These tips can help make certain that your message reaches the right people.

Social Media Secrets – Twitter

Since its release in 2009, Twitter has substantially grown with millions of tweets being sent everyday. You might think that all you need to know is that Twitter requires 140 characters or less. Here’s where the secrets come in.

  1. If you start your tweet using the “@” symbol, that message will only be seen by people who follow BOTH you and the person you use the “@” with. The solution? Simply start your tweet with a period before using the @ symbol. (Ex: .@) This will ensure that the public can see this message.
  2. This one should be a no brainer, but avoid using too many hashtags. Ideally, you want to stick to one or two hashtags that are beneficial to you.

Social Media Secrets – Facebook

Facebook has over 850 million active users and counting.

  1. Image size really matters when considering Facebook more than ever after their new Wall layout. Consider using a 403 x 403 for your wall images. Your cover photo should be 815 x 315 and your profile picture should be 180×180.
  2. You are now able to promote and highlight your posts to bring attention to a post people would normally not see. This is great for promoting an event.

Social Media Secrets – Google Plus

People may joke about Google+ entering the social media space, but it may just get the last laugh. The google +1 button is used billions of times a day and has established around 343 million active users. It is also the one social media platform that greatly impacts and improves your SEO.

  1. Like Facebook, you need to use the @ symbol to tag people in your post. Simply type up the full name of the person you see on Google+.
  2. Join groups with common interests and share your content with the community.

Social Media Secrets – Pinterest

According to TechCrunch, Pinterest is now the fourth largest traffic driver beating out Bing, Twitter, and Yahoo. See these tips on how to get more people to see your pins.

  1. Like Twitter, hashtags can be used on Pinterest.
  2. Use Pinterest to leverage your products. Link the item you pin to the actual sale on your website so they can buy it if they like it.
  3. Add the company URL in the description box. Pinterest will recognize this and make the URL bold, attracting more attention.
  4. Put a price using the “$” symbol. Pins that list the price are more likely to get likes than pins that do not.

Social Media Secrets – Instagram

Instagram was a huge photo-sharing app hit. As Instagram continues to gain new users, brands can follow these tips to effectively share photos.

  1. Like Twitter and Pinterest, hashtags are great for Instagram. Users are able to click on the hashtag and see the other photos related to that hashtag.

Social Media Secrets – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the more appropriate social media platforms that you can be promotional on. Share the information about your company as well as the products you offer.

  1. When you share a URL link in an update, wait until the image and the article are fully loaded. After that, you can delete the link allowing the reader to see a clean and simple to read update.

Hopefully you have learned more about these social media secrets and tips that can help boost your overall social media efforts!