Social Media Secrets Revealed: Part 3

social media secrets
For the past two weeks, we’ve been sharing our most cherished social media secrets. Now, our final three will be revealed in this post. Are you ready?

1. Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Social Media Strategy

So, you have a great brand, an amazing product or service and are excited to see your business reach new heights with the help of your new and improved social strategy. You schedule your posts for the week and move onto other aspects of your business. A week goes by and it’s time to schedule more posts. However, you shockingly discover that the company Facebook and Twitter pages are flooded with questions and comments from angry customers, complaining about not being able to get in contact with a company representative. Whoops. Now you have a major customer service problem on your hands (face palm.) Avoid this headache by simply monitoring your pages daily. It is important that questions and comments don’t fall on deaf ears and your audience feels like their concerns are being tended to. Try to respond as promptly as possible to show that as a business owner, you are paying attention to your customers. Studies show that a happy customer will tell 2-3 people about their positive experience with a company, but that number jumps to 8-10 when dealing with an unsatisfied customer. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of that statistic. Always remember that social media is a two-way platform and if you treat it as such, your business will reap the benefits of loyal customers.

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2. Crowdsourcing Can Be Your Best Friend

Low engagement levels keeping you up at night? If you’re out of ideas and aren’t entirely sure what your audience wants to see, try asking them. After all, they will be consuming the content in the end and will love giving you their input. Just be prepared for a wide array of responses and ideas, both in the good and not so good departments. For instance, Lays recently used crowdsourcing to come up with their newest potato chip flavor. Participants used custom hashtags on Twitter to vote for their favorite after the company narrowed it down to three, bold flavor choices. (Cheesy Garlic Bread won in case you were wondering.) The point is, sometimes asking your audience what they want is the easiest way to get compelling, engaging content for your brand.

3. In the end, Content is King

Probably the most important secret we can share with all of you is that without great content to fuel your social media efforts, they will most likely fail every single time. Your audience on social media is your consumer, both current and potential. Without valuable, energizing content to keep them coming back for more, they will almost certainly seek it elsewhere. This is exactly what you don’t want to happen. Imagine your hard earned customers running to your completion because a ball was dropped on the content creation front. It’s a frightening vision. Instead, focus on giving your fan base entertaining, valuable content and be sure to connect with them in order to increase the experience of dealing with your brand.

Hopefully, you will use this new-found knowledge to take your social media efforts to unprecedented levels. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, like our page on Facebook and +1 us on Google + for everything social media.