Social Media Secrets Revealed: Part 2

 Social Media Secrets

 This week we will be elaborating more on how and when to schedule posts–a tactic that makes your content the most effective.

1. Research Your Market’s Personality

When does your market check their social media feeds most? If your readers are night owls, post mid-evening to be at the top of what they will see. Are you selling food? Post something mouth-watering before your audience’s lunch break. Are you a bar or restaurant? Post a happy hour special at 4pm to give them time to rally the office. Are you a musician? A Facebook event is a good start (when people actually read those), but also tweet/post a reminder to your audience a few hours before you go onstage.

2. Post Your Content at Peak Traffic Periods  

Just like a newspaper, people tend to read news from social media first thing in their day. Research what types of news stories your followers would be most interested in reading and consistently share reputable 3rd party content. If done correctly, people will view you as a source for great content and anticipate your posts. Is your business e-commerce? Monitor what time your sales actually occur. If there is a trend, schedule posts with a links to your product’s landing page around that time. Do your promotional posts generate the most engagement in the morning or the afternoon? What about product or service updates? Always be locked in on your analytics so that you can capitalize on every trend.

3. Observe Platform Trends When Scheduling 

Each social network is different, as well as the behavior of their users. This helpful infographic courtesy of  Ad Week will show you the optimal times to post to each individual social network.


Check back next week for the final installment of “Social Media Secrets Revealed”