Social Media Secrets Revealed: Part 1

social media secrets

Welcome to part one of our three part series, “Social Media Secrets Revealed,” where we will share tips to help you achieve social media success for your business. Social media is a tool to use in business that improves your public image and your profits, but only if done correctly. There are too many horror stories to count that could have easily been avoided had those companies followed a few simple guidelines:

1. Find Your Voice

Make sure the theme of your business fits the tone of your social media. Is your product fun? A bakery, may want to share enticing images that lead active consumers to share and re-post, and lead potential consumers to the store for a purchase. Is your service serious? An insurance company may need to be more informational to establish expertise in the field and build consumer confidence. Take a step back before posting and ask yourself if your content matches your brand’s identity.

2. Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling your posts, via social media software, will make better use of your time as a business owner. Dashboard service, Hootsuite, can help you manage your various social media accounts all in one place, while simultaneously encouraging members of your staff to work together on the company’s content. We recommend scheduling posts on a week by week basis, in order to keep content fresh and exciting, while staying up to date with the most current news and trends. However, a word of caution here: Make sure you suspend your scheduled posts in the wake of a national or local tragedy, or your company will come off as insensitive and uninformed. This is a public relations nightmare to avoid at all costs.

3. Mix It Up

The same style of post will have your market scrolling right past your brand. Try different types of content while monitoring what your audience responds to best, and studying who that audience is. A solid combination of images, text-based posts, promotional offers and the occasional video will keep your followers interested in what you have to say. The material you share does not always have to be original content. For example, if you stumble across an interesting article on the “Top 10 Things To Do” in your area, and you think your followers would enjoy, share it! The key here is to keep pumping out content that has some sort of value to your audience.

Check back next week for part two of “Social Media Secrets Revealed”