Simple Websites for Mobility’s Sake!

With the evolution of technology, the Internet has become increasingly mobile, and therefore has become an essential tool for a variety of on-the-go individuals. The smart phone has evolved into a mini-computer. Used for everything from checking the latest news, stock performances, games’ scores, to ordering dinner, monitoring the house, and even setting up the DVR to record your favorite shows the smart phone has become the do-everything tool.

From a business standpoint, this could be a blessing or a curse. If your company website is set to be compatible with smart phones, and will automatically load a mobile-friendly site, customers are more likely to use it and therefore create more revenue for your organization. Doing this is quite simple – failing to do so could cost your company more in lost sales than it would cost to have such a mobile site designed by a professional. Although there are design schemes that display well on smart phones, these schemes may not be what your company is looking for in a professional website.

Have you ever heard the acronym K.I.S.S? Keep It Simple, Stupid! Simplicity ranks supreme on the smart phone for a couple of reasons. First, the connections that you have with your smart phone are not cable or DSL-quality connections and the complex coding of a modern website will cause your site to load more slowly than normal. In addition, many smart phones do not support Flash or Javascript, and drop down menus that require you to hover a mouse on the menu seem impossible to navigate. Every business owner can simplify their website to meet the needs of the mobile user. Such action can do nothing but benefit your business.