Should You Place Advertisements on Your Web Site?

Advertising didn’t always have such a bad reputation. At the turn of the millennium and the peak of the dot-com bubble, ads were everywhere. They were, merely, a fact of life. Today, however, things are very different. Ad-blocking software is widely distributed, and web sites are all too often criticized for having “too many ads.”

As a result of this consensus among web visitors, many webmasters have removed ads from their web site altogether. This reflects a poor digital strategy, and one which is detrimental to a web site’s future growth prospects. Let’s face it – while we all love a world of free goods and services, a decent site costs money to operate. A better strategy would be to selectively position a single ad on your site and create an additional source of revenue for your web site and/or business.

Such an ad contains the right combination of appearance and effectiveness. Any effect on your web site’s layout is, at most, minimal. Most sites choose to place a single ad on their left or right navigation menu as this is clearly visible, yet unobtrusive.

A strategically-placed ad also has the potential to generate large amounts of revenue. The key is to ensure ad content is relevant to that of your web site. Display relevant content and visitors will click. Failure to do so, however, means a waste of valuable space on your site and lackluster earnings.