Should Brands Tweet on Holidays and Historic Anniversaries?

Should Brands Tweet


To Tweet, or not to Tweet?

With the passing of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, we saw a number of brands throughout the day fall victim to the tacky Twitter remembrance post. You know immediately when you see one. The few words about remembrance tied in with the product/service of the brand, essentially putting a company stamp on the holiday. Of course, there are certain brands that are able to pull this off with flying colors, in a way that is respectful and effective. However, if you don’t, the internet will take notice and they won’t let you forget about it either. Here are the best of the worst from Martin Luther King Day 2014:


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If You Do Tweet, Make Sure to Keep it Classy

In the event that you do want to Tweet on behalf of your brand on a particular holiday or historic anniversary, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stay classy and respectful, devoting the entirety of the post to the holiday or anniversary at hand. There are plenty of days throughout the year to promote your brand that does not involve the potential of being ridiculed on the internet if done in bad taste.

This tweet by UNICEF is a perfect example of honoring the day, while simultaneously drawing attention to the UNICEF brand indirectly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.29.53 PM

Take Aways

To avoid a potential public relations headache, limit your posts to respectful, classy and professional messages. You won’t win any awards, but you won’t ignite the fury of the internet either.