SEO Strategy: Are You Living in a Fairy Tale?

Are You Living in a SEO Strategy Fairy Tale?

It is always difficult to consider what SEO strategy to pursue, especially if you are a small business. An analogy one can make is regarding the fairy tale about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. SEO can feel like a myth sometimes filled with mysteries and hidden in a veil of vagueness. The good guys with the right SEO strategy usually win, but this isn’t always the case. Contradicting statements made here and there are only bound to drive small business owners crazy. So where exactly should you draw the line between myth and reality?

The Narrow SEO Strategy: Follow Matt Cutts and everything he says straight down to the rule of law. Create one amazing website and wait for customers to magically appear. Don’t go out of your way to to seek the backlinks.

The Broad SEO Strategy: Buy every possible link and every single blog post that is emailed to you.  Use automated software to get the job done.

 What’s left? The “Just Right” SEO Strategy

The truth is, it’s hard to determine what is the right SEO strategy to use. If only Google was kind enough to give us the SEO 101 handbook on how everything should be done, life would be much easier. One thing for sure, though, is that you don’t want the narrow or broad strategy listed above. The best way for small business to pursue their SEO strategy is to diversify it. Focus on branding by earning backlinks. Content is also a must when it comes to today’s SEO. Use your creativity to integrate current events and things on the news as part of your SEO strategy as well.