How to Rank High on Google SERP

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About a decade ago, creating a website to have it appear on Google’s search engine page was fairly simple: choose a domain and learn basic HTML codes. But visibility between competing websites is not so easily acquired now that Google’s ranking system is based on quality content, authenticity, and the ease of usability. Since the algorithm changed, so has the advice SEO experts give to their clients. Here are some tips on how to rank high on Google SERP:

Learn the Basics of Marketing

You can use all the buzzwords you want in your tags, but at the end of the day, SEO, at its most fundamental form, is marketing. Whether you optimize for a mom & pop shop or a national brand, you need an SEO strategy. Facilitate research. Know your competition. Target your audience. A focused strategy will make the best use of your time and efforts, but you must also be willing to change direction when your website is not cutting through to the surface.

Create User-Friendly Websites for Multiple Devices

Desktops and laptops have lost their dominance as platforms with the rise of mobile device users. In turn, a website with no mobile responsive design equals no love from Google. Websites that don’t optimize with mobile users in mind will soon be left in the dust, so take Google’s own advice on the subject of across-the-board compatibility.

Make Natural Links

Google cannot stress this enough. Guest blogging with links to your site, as well as buying paid links to high quality websites, now results in a penalty. With continuous Penguin algorithm updates and changes to link building strategies, Google will need to “Nofollow” most links. “Nofollow” can be used by webmasters to tell search engines “Don’t follow links on this page.”

The best advice? “Create great content,” says Matt Cutts, a Google software engineer. Use links to show partnership or properly give credit, but make sure the links are “Nofollow.”

Stay Informed

Lastly, and above all else, always be knowledgeable of the latest updates to the algorithm or you will begin to undo all of your hard work. Of course, you could always just follow our blog.


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