Quality, Not Quantity of Your Web Site’s Traffic is Most Important

Sometimes, less is better. When it comes to your organization’s web site, the quality of your loyal customers is more important than quantity. Consider this – your site’s best audience may just be a close-knit community of loyal visitors.

I’m no stranger when it comes to the concept of quality versus quantity of web traffic. Prior to founding Boucher & Co. in 2007, I managed a popular informational web site where daily hits numbered six-figures. So, then, it’s no surprise that I was tasked with the choice to focus our growth on a marketing strategy that emphasized either the quality or quantity of our visitors. We chose the former.

And, I never looked back to second-guess that decision. Sure, it was nice to be on top and have a large market share (top ten in 100+ countries, wow!). Gradually, however, we noticed that our brightest hours were those which were spent chatting with our most loyal visitors – the men and women that stuck with us for five years, each and every day. They provided us with the inspiration, creativity, and thoughts that enabled us to produce an ever-changing and innovative content library. They gave their feedback – whether positive or negative – in hopes of improving the browsing experience for thousands. And most importantly, they were part of our network’s family.

Without them, it would have been difficult to endure the darkest hours of our web site’s existence. Beyond the Web, they shared real-life experiences with us. Together as one, we watched in horror as Hurricane Katrina pummeled the U.S. Gulf Coast, displacing thousands. So too was the case for the 2008 financial crisis. We were not alone.

In retrospect, I cannot thank these people enough. As a web marketing agency, we create many branding programs for organizations annually. With my close-knit community of loyal visitors, however, they defined my web site’s brand. They were the voice and spirit of those five years.

As a fellow webmaster, I encourage you to apply a similar strategy to your organization’s web site. Get to know your visitors and develop a “close-knit circle”. The bolstering of integrity and strength in your organization will follow.