Pure Spam: Website Examples from Google

Google is always contending with troublesome webmasters and SEO professionals looking for way around the white hat techniques. They look for small holes and crevices that allow them a shortcut to rank as highly and quickly as possible, sometimes building pure spam websites. Google told the SEO community about what “black hat” techniques to avoid because webmasters will get penalized. The only problem was, Google could never compete with the SEO professionals that used black hat techniques.

What Happens to Pure Spam Websites?

On the bright side, Google has finally figured it out. Google launched this page earlier this year showing real-time examples of websites getting de-indexed for being a pure spam website. Everyone may have different definitions for what spam is, but the most important definition is Google’s. It seems, from the examples listed by Google, that the penalty lies on the content of the website.

Given this, websites that receive a penalty of this magnitude probably have a serious backlink profiles problem. If you are a webmaster, take some time to review the links that connect to your website. It’s better to find a bad link problem rather than waiting for Google to send you an “unnatural link” notification.