Moving? 6 Ways to Make Sure Your Online Presence Moves with You

Your Online Presence Moves as You Do

Is your business moving to a new location? Moving your business entails more than simply packing up your bags and signing into a new lease. You have to remember that your online presence moves as you do – or at least you should make sure it does.

If your business benefits from local and mobile searches, you need to have a plan for updating the information with your new current location. Here are 6 things to remember when updating your online presence.

1. Update Your Address Online

Updating on websites like Google Places, Yelp, FourSquare, Bing Place, and the rest of the local listing sites will be required to display the most accurate information. Although this may take up a big chunk of your time, it is important to let your potential customers know where you are.

Imagine a customer finds your old address online and reaches an empty storefront. This ultimately results in losing potential revenue for your company.

2. Change Your Address on Your Website

Your website should be able to reflect the current location of your business. Make sure to change the details on your email signature and business cards as well.

3. Try and Keep Your Number

If you can, try to keep your phone number the same. If you are unable to and eventually end up getting a new number, have your old number be forwarded to the new number.

4. Updating Paid Search Campaigns

If you chose to run a paid advertising campaign, updating your current location is critical so that your audience can be targeted correctly. Wrong addresses will lead customers to an incorrect location. Paying to send your customers to the wrong location wouldn’t be too profitable.

5. Social Media

Make sure all your social media platforms reflect the current address as well.

6. Let the Government Know

The government needs to know if you moved your physical location. Remember to update your name, address, and location with the taxing entities of your current state.

Keep in mind that this isn’t limited to only when you move the physical location of your business. This checklist can be applied when you change the name of your business as well.