Non-Web Designers, Avoid Building Your Web Site

We’re web developers. We make web sites. And we applaud your efforts to do the same. But, as much as we love and embrace creativity, we advise you against building a web site for your business.

You create extra work for yourself. For novices, building a web site is never a simple task. It requires hours of long, detailed work to “perfect” your web site. Even then, it’s far from perfect. There are the code anomalies, the design flaws, and the compatibility issues. What a nightmare.

You could use a web site-building service. Very true. But they are a poor value – overly basic, and producing, at best, an “empty” web site. A much better option is to save up a few hundred dollars and hire a professional firm to do the job for you.

So, after all is said and done, ask yourself – is it really worth the extra time and effort to produce a poor web site? Or, better yet, do you really need that new flat-screen television? I don’t think so.