Laptop and phone with Google home screen and a coffee next to it.

Keep Your Customers Informed With Posting On Google

Posting on Google is finally available to all small businesses after over a year of exclusive use to politicians, some celebrities, and a select few businesses. For those that have not heard about this new feature, it is an extension of the Google My Business platform and it allows for local businesses to promote events, showcase different products, and let their customers know of any current promotions going on.

Phone with a screen showcasing Posting For Google

Image credit: Search Engine Land

When someone searches for your business through Google, a series of “flashcards” will appear underneath your business with your Posting on Google. Through this, you can link your website and get potential new subscribers to your newsletters or new customers for specific products.

With society becoming increasingly image-driven, it is best for your business to have an eye-catching picture, something along the lines of “Instagram-worthy”, with an engaging caption in order for people to click on your post. Additionally, this feature has a maximum word count of 300 – so it will be best for you to keep it short, simple and to the point. People have a very fleeting attention span and tend to only spend time on posts when the content is appealing and concise.

Legs of people with shopping bagsIt is important for any local business to use this feature because it will allow customers to be “in the moment” and aware of everything that is going on. People like to be informed and connected 24/7, so this is the perfect tool for that. Even better, your posting on Google will expire after seven days – so there is no need to worry about keeping your post slate clean and up-to-date. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping your content fresh and engaging. Additionally, when using Google My Business and Posting On Google, your business will have a high-ranking on the Google search page and will most likely be seen by more people.

Go ahead, give Posting on Google a shot!