Is E-Commerce the New Way to Shop?


E-Commerce is Here to Stay

As the holiday season quickly approaches, where do you plan to do your shopping? Will you head out to the traditional mall or sit at the comfort of your home and order online. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more people are planning to shop online during the holiday season.

E-Commerce is Continuously Rising

From 2003, there has been a steady rise of e-commerce sales being made every year. To put this data into sometime more tangible, this means that online sales are slowly taking over retail sales. If this trend continues to rise, e-commerce will take over in-store sales and be the most dominant form of shopping in the future.

This trend shows that we are slowly changing the way we shop. What this means is that we need to change the way we sell as well. While the traditional in-store sales can be made, now people are turning to the internet. They are likely to walk into a physical store, but they will look up products on their mobile devices. Comparing prices, these customers are now able to find the best deals for the product. If the online store sells it for cheaper than the physical store, chances are, these people will order online.

What’s Next for E-Commerce?

Where does the majority of your shopping experiences occur – online or the traditional in-store? Perhaps you do a bit of both. Let us know what you think the future of e-commerce is headed.


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