Increase Your Sales Leads by Blogging Regularly

All too often, companies wake up one morning and decide they’re going to start blogging on whatever topic they are experts in. They write a blog post. Then they forget about their blog almost as fast as it was created.

That’s sad, since blogging is one of the best ways to increase sales leads through your website. Take a recent study, conducted by inbound marketing leader HubSpot, which shows the effect that blogging has on sales leads. See the graph below:

Blogging & B2B/B2C Leads

The above chart shows that companies who blog – B2C and B2B – have 88% and 67% more sales leads respectively than those companies that do not blog. The numbers were compiled after HubSpot surveyed approximately 1,500 small businesses about their blogging frequency and sales leads.

What do these numbers say about the importance of blogging to small businesses? That it’s extremely important to both digital and sales strategies. And that without blogging regularly, small businesses are setting themselves for an extremely tiring sales process.

Of course, none of this information becomes useful to small business owners until they master the golden rule of blogging: blog regularly AND frequently. Ideally, a new blog post should be made every one to two days. You may think it’s okay to “take a break” and “come back later,” but you’ll soon discover that these practices lead to infrequent blogging and extended laziness. That hurts your sales leads – and your bottom-line.