How to Use Twitter for Business [FREE E-BOOK]

In recent years, Twitter has emerged as an important platform for digital marketers everywhere. It’s extremely agile, providing updates in real-time. (These days I usually learn about breaking news via Twitter) Furthermore, it allows you to reach a broad, yet targeted audience that was previously out of reach.

Like all social media platforms, though, Twitter is often greatly misunderstood. Critics cry they don’t want to hear “every little thing happening in someone’s life.” But the truth is most of the world’s top leaders, experts, and intellectuals regularly share important updates via Twitter. It’s a must-have platform for any small business owner or public figure.

Learn the best practices for using Twitter to its full potential through our new e-book “How to Use Twitter for Business.” Topics covered include getting started, building your network, and proper etiquette on Twitter. It’s a must-read for any first-time Twitter user or small business owner.