Creative SEO: How to Newsjack

Google is continuously growing as they do their best to reduce web spam and block misleading and manipulative links. Unfortunately, to small businesses, this translates nothing more than, “Link building is manipulative and bad.” This is not true though. So with this in mind, how could so much disparity exist between people’s knowledge and the message Google sends out? Read more to learn about how to newsjack compelling content that will gain the attention of the reader.

Marketer’s Response: Abandon SEO

Some marketers think of giving up entirely on SEO and moving towards PPC (Pay-Per-Click). PPC should already be in your marketing strategy as it is complementary to SEO. It should also be used to test out new keywords you decide to use. On the long term, PPC is more expensive and more difficult to determine your ROI.

Like PPC, social media should be next in line for your marketing portfolio as it is viewed as a plausible alternative to SEO. Social media is best for managing public relations and customer service, but it may not be best for first-time visitors.

Solution: Learn How to Newsjack

While newsjacking seems to have a negative connotation attached to it, it’s not. Newsjacking is simply a technique marketers use, to say, “ride the wave” of existing demands associated with breaking news. Smart marketers know that there is high demand for such information. What better way is there than to contribute to the overall discussion of the news? By learning how to newsjack properly, you can find alternatives to writing creative content.

Keep this in mind though. Small businesses cannot simply newsjack any breaking news. It needs to be somewhat related to their space. Otherwise, it the newsjacked content would seem somewhat random if it is not related to the business.