Facebook Hashtags Are Finally Here!


They’re finally here. After months of speculation, Facebook hashtags were announced today that will be a part of the social media giant’s game plan moving forward. Users will now be able to click on hashtags in posts to search what others are saying on the same topic, essentially the same way it works on Twitter and Instagram. Through a press release posted earlier today by Facebook, Facebook acknowledged that hashtags will create more of a public conversation, much like it does on the before mentioned social networks. For those who are concerned about privacy, fear not! Facebook will allow you to control who is able to see your hashtagged posts.

In the near future, Facebook also plans to add a trending topics option in addition to a few more features that have yet to be mentioned. Whether or not your a fan of Facebook hashtags (we are!) they will undoubtedly be a much used feature in the coming months, as Facebook users get more accustomed to using the popular symbol within the platform. But, lets face it, people were using it on Facebook before it became active anyway!