Facebook Gives More Controls for Your Feed

Facebook is constantly updating and improving – move fast and break stuff! In their latest effort to make sure users want to keep refreshing their feeds, they’ve enabled a feature that allows you to choose who you’d like to see content from first.

Currently, Facebook measures what you most interact with in order to determine what to show you more of. Now, Facebook will implement a set of features that will allow you to signal whose content is most important to you. By prioritizing friends and pages in your settings, you’re able to control what content you see first be it your closest friends, your favorite band, or you guessed it – favorite brand!

In addition to these priority lists, Facebook will also be looking to reconnect you to friends you have unfollowed and seeing if you’d like to reconnect.

These changes, first tested in Spain, also include new ways to find new pages and content for your news feed. Though this won’t be too much of a problem for a typical user that usually has over 1,500 feed posts to sift through, Facebook is looking to make it easier for you to see content that’s relevant to you.

What does this mean for you and your company? Well, expect businesses to be soliciting followers to be placed on their follow lists, perhaps in exchange for a discount or an appetizer at a restaurant. Many bands will likely give you their latest EP in exchange for you prioritizing them on your Facebook page, netting them more exposure to their fans.

These features are enabled as of July 9th on iOS and will soon be transferred over to Android and desktop. Are you excited about these features, or simply think they’ll be nice to have? Let us know what you think!