Doctors: Let Patients Schedule Appointments Online

Medical patients increasingly want to schedule their appointments online. So then, it’s no surprise that doctors and other medical professionals frequently lament on the lack of available options for online appointment scheduling. We get at least one phone call each week inquiring about such options.

The good news is that there are a few great options available for medical professionals. First and foremost is ZocDoc, a New York-based startup which allows for quick and easy appointment scheduling. ZocDoc is loaded with various features and integrates easily into any web site or blog. HealthLeap is another great service for medical appointment scheduling. It is very similar to ZocDoc and is loaded with similar features.

Doctors should also look to insurance companies for online appointment scheduling capabilities. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, amongst others, recently announced they would begin offering those capabilities to medical professionals.

This agency has created several medical-based web sites featuring online appointment scheduling capabilities. We recommend ZocDoc, as they are the most-comprehensive option on the market today. If a doctor or other medical professional has unique needs, we also offer custom scheduling solutions and software integration.