Effect of Colors on Pinterest

colors on pinterest

New information regarding colors on Pinterest, according to Curalate, explains what types of images get the most pins and repins. After examining over 500,000 images, here are the results.

Colors on Pinterest play a big role on which images get repinned. Images with a reddish-orange color tone are twice as likely to get repinned as an image with a blue color tone.

The number of colors on Pinterest also play a role on what images are liked and pinned. It was shown that multiple dominant colors were almost three times more likely to get repinned than an image with only one dominant color.

Lightness has an effect on whether people pin the images or not. A medium lightness color is TWENTY times more likely to be repinned than a very dark image that is harder to see.

Background Space is also a determining factor regarding what images get repins. An image with 10% or less background is two to four times more likely to be repinned when compared to an isolated image with more than 40% background space.

An image without a face is 23% more likely to get repinned than an image with a face on it.

Are You Using Pinterest?

Don’t worry too much if you aren’t. Most brands aren’t using Pinterest to it’s fullest extent. Most of the pins are user driven rather than by retail brands. If you haven’t started to use Pinterest, check out these 5 steps to using Pinterest for your business!