Salinas Restaurant

Social Media Strategy Case Study


  • Elevate brand image via relevant social media platforms.
  • Promote restaurant events & special menu items.
  • Engage with audiences and build relationships with other brands.
  • Build strong social media following.


  • Work closely with restaurant proprietors and executive chef to develop a consistent digital brand image.
  • Promote events and seasonal menu items through targeted posts and Facebook ads directing traffic to the restaurant’s site.
  • Reach out to diners and suppliers/liquor brands whenever relevant to create an engaging and dynamic online dialogue.
  • Build and maintain a strong social media presence that attracts organic followers, with Facebook like-campaigns.


  • Conducted a series of photoshoots to ensure top quality imagery and visual-representation across all platforms.
  • Generated full reservations around for various holidays prix-fixe dinners.
  • Established strong connections with external food and liquor brands.
  • Built Salinas Facebook following from 3K to 7K+ organically and through a number of successful like-campaigns.
  • Helped Salinas transition into Instagram and maintain a healthy, organic following.

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