Social Strategy, Paid Advertising, and Growth Hacking


    • Grow a popular boxing website’s social media following.
    • Reach new visitor demographics in new countries around the globe.
    • Drive traffic to the website’s content.
    • Engage with audiences and foster conversations through social media.
    • Leverage targeted advertising to grow the site.
    • Help the site’s management team understand their analytics.


    • Leverage exclusive content and a targeted Facebook ad campaign to grow the site’s social reach.
    • Target specific demographics around specific boxing events to drive site traffic.
    • Promote discussions via social media commenting and engagement.
    • Re-configure the site to display banner and display ads throughout.


    • Developed a dedicated audience of grassroots brand ambassadors.
    • Attracted top-tier advertisers to bid on valuable site ad space.
    • Paved the way for a successful exit strategy to sell the site to a new operator.

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