Mira Sushi

Social Strategy, E-mail Marketing, and Web Design


    • Identify brand’s unique identity separating it from the market via relevant social media platforms and website by strategically emphasizing:
        • Sushi and izakaya fusion food
        • Celebrity Chef Brian Tsao as a source of charisma and personality.
    • Promote restaurant events & special menu items.
    • Engage with audiences using special incentives through social media.
    • Build strong social media following.
    • Re-design the website to reflect the brand identity and current design trends.
    • Carry out responsibilities as the digital arm, including all marketing and social media, to allow the Chef and owner to focus on the business and menu.


    • Worked with executive chef to develop a digital brand through imagery, tone, and sharing of relevant/credible 3rd party content.
    • Promote events and seasonal menu items through targeted posts and advertisements directing traffic to the restaurant’s site.
    • Reach out to diners whenever relevant to create an engaging and dynamic online dialogue.
    • Build and maintain a strong social media presence that attracts organic followers, with Facebook like-campaigns.
    • Create e-mail marketing campaigns to promote events and encourage reservations and online engagement.


    • Conducted in-house organic photo-shoots to ensure top visual-representation across all platforms that reflects brand identity.
    • Generated fully booked reservations for Holiday weekends.
    • Built Mira Sushi Facebook and Instagram following organically and through a number of successful like-campaigns.
    • Designed and developed new website in accordance with changing digital visual trends and emergence of brand identity.

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