Kids for Less

E-Commerce, E-Mail Marketing, and Social Media Strategy


  • Move a 30-year old brick-and-mortar retail chain of 18 stores into the e-commerce world.
  • Build a digital online audience for a leading kids clothing brand.
  • Drive website traffic and conversions via social media and highly-targeted ads.
  • Grow an online reputation that web and mobile consumers can trust.


  • Create daily content for social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook targeting demographics in 50+ US cities.
  • Send weekly emails with promotions to the existing customer mailing list.
  • Place targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram utilizing both behavioral and re-targeted advertising.
  • Drive traffic to the site through targeted Google search and display ads.


  • 450,692 People Reached through Ads.
  • 9,632 website visitors in 14 days.
  • $0.14 Average Cost Per Visitor.
  • Reached mainly 24-35 year old women living in US cities.
  • New kids clothing e-commerce site able to go from $0 to $20,000+ monthly sales in 45 days.

Ex. Email Marketing Design + Weekly Campaign

Ex. Animated Social Media Post

Ex. Facebook Ad

Ex. Boosted Facebook Post

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