The Headliner

Email Marketing, Social Media, and Digital Strategy


    • Ensure a popular Jersey Shore nightclub capitalizes on digital media and online advertising and focuses attention on social media.
    • Reduce reliance on third-party event ticketing solutions to increase profit margins.
    • Build awareness and attract a larger, more diverse crowd from the New York City and Philadelphia markets.
    • Extend and capitalize on existing brand equity to attract and strategic partnerships through digital media.


    • Ensure that The Headliner has cohesive marketing through social by creating branded social media content.
    • Leverage weekly email blasts to clubgoers and local residents promoting special events, the Birthday Club, and entertainment.
    • Design a responsive, e-commerce-focused website allowing The Headliner to sell event tickets directly to visitors.
    • Implement a coordinated social media content calendar and strategy with brand ambassadors and promoters.


    • Created a social media kit including brand assets, campaign graphics and messaging resulting in a more professional brand.
    • Increased ticket sales by 300% and ticket profit margins by 50% in the same time period.
    • Utilized targeted social media advertising to reach visitors in the radius, and increased the club’s visitor flow by nearly double the previous year.
    • Established The Headliner as a pillar of the Neptune/Belmar neighborhood, and a Jersey Shore staple for charitable fundraisers and events.

Ex. E-mail Marketing Design & Campaign

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