Glamour Kills – E-commerce Strategy Case Study


    • Assist an established teen clothing brand in building their e-commerce business, while reducing the company’s dependence on long-term wholesale revenue.
    • Establish coordinated marketing campaigns that are regularly scheduled throughout the calendar year, aligning with holidays and seasonal collections.
    • Build awareness of Glamour Kills among a younger, fresh demographic, building a diverse customer base as previous customers transition into the adult clothing market.
    • Capitalize on Glamour Kills relationships with established bands to attract new talent and create new band collaboration products exclusively for the company’s e-commerce business.


    • Establish sales events that encourage customers to capitalize on promotions and build larger order totals.
    • Convene weekly meetings of the Glamour Kills marketing, sales, and creative teams, to identify marketing and production challenges.
    • Through coordinated social media advertising campaigns, experiment with new demographics to build additional e-commerce revenue streams.
    • Ensure existing band relationships are followed up with on a monthly basis, while managing external marketing opportunities solicited through social media during weekly meetings.


    • Increased order totals and recurring customer purchase volume.
    • Aligned the entire company onto the same sales and marketing initiatives, while using customer demographic data to better produce more relevant products and collections.
    • Sustained a higher monthly sales volume as a result of advertisements targeted towards fans of post-2010 alternative bands, and gender-specific advertisements.
    • Worked on new collections with fresh band talent that have increased demand for Glamour Kills products across new demographics.