Frank Body and B+C Case Study

We helped an Australian skincare and beauty brand expand into the U.S. with a targeted DTC expansion strategy.


  • Help an Australian beauty industry leader expand into the U.S. with direct-to-consumer sales to complement retailers such as Bloomingdale’s.
  • Grow the brand’s online presence through a mix of social, search, and re-targeting ads.
  • Highlight their unique competitive position in a growing and crowded marketplace.
  • Identify underutilized channels and tactics for digital marketing success.
  • Create a pathway to increase brand awareness and sales in 2019.


  • Design: Create a number of visually fun and appealing content targeting teenagers, their parents, young adults, and others searching for beauty gifts for friends.
  • Strategy: Research and develop target audiences to show content on all channels, setup a targeted keyword strategy for search, and place re-targeting ads.
  • Launch: Optimize campaigns as they run across social, search, and re-targeting in order to continually improve conversion performance and increase brand awareness.


  • 3X Return on Ad Spend
    300% overall ROAS within the first 180 days of working together, as Frank Body sales doubled ad spend overall.
  • 3,734% ROI for DTC Sales
    One campaign that sought to shift revenue from retailers to direct-to-consumer sales leveraged positioning to drive a 3,700%+ ROI.
  • 106 New First-Time Sales
    106 new sales from first-time site visitors in the month of November 2018.

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