Bilotta Kitchens and B+C Case Study

We helped a custom kitchen and bath builder gain new customers and increase visibility.


  • Help a high-end kitchen/bath manufacturer and installer reach more interior designers, industry professionals, and architects to sell more kitchens.
  • Identify industry professionals and engage them with content aimed at encouraging brand awareness and inquiries, such as brochure downloads and phone calls.
  • Promote in-house and external events where Bilotta Kitchen & Home was a participant or host.
  • Build infrastructure for to help Bilotta Kitchen & Home increase market share in the NYC market.


  • Full Social Media Creative: Create and use beautiful brand assets to create a cohesive, visual feed that immediately grabs attention and generates design inspiration.
  • Strategy: We created very specific audiences that were targeted to interior designers, architects, etc. and leveraged third-party data brokers to refine these audiences.
  • Optimization: B+C met quarterly with key stakeholders, including ownership, to discuss insights/strategy for overall marketing and tying it back to sales/revenue goals.


  • 84% growth in site traffic, 51% growth in social traffic
    Year-over-year for three consecutive years
  • 31% growth in sales brochure views from Instagram/LinkedIn
    A major KPI for Bilotta Kitchen & Home’s sales engagement
  • 160% growth in online form submissions
    Year-over-year for two consecutive years
  • A 67% drop in the cost to acquire a site visitor
    Allowing for many more visitors at a lower budget

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