Ahmad Tea and B+C Case Study

We localized the Ahmad Tea brand in the U.S. with a separate social presence and implemented digital strategy.


  • Grow the U.S. market presence for a global tea brand with a focus on women aged 25-50.
  • Identify likely customers and engage with content built for brand awareness/purchase activity.
  • Develop sampling/tasting events integrated with digital campaigns to build brand loyalty.
  • Over 7 years, develop a unique social persona for the U.S. arm of the brand.


  • Full Social Media Creative: Bright, color-blocked posts, seasonal content themes, and creative for posts and ads.
  • Creative with a Purpose: Use seasonal content themes, avoid posts with no objective, and educate audiences on product offerings.
  • Promote Events with Social: Giveaway campaigns, in-store event promotions, and new retailer announcements.


  • 42% increase in online sales
    Year-over-year on the Ahmad Tea USA site
  • 37% reduction in cost-per-conversion
    For new website traffic users, year-over-year
  • 3X increase in website traffic
    Year-over-year, on the same marketing budget

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