Brands Need to Listen on Social Media


In order for your business to successfully operate on social media platforms, you must be willing to listen and respond to your customers. Brands need to listen to what the customers say because ignoring the customers will do no good.

Why do Brands Need to Listen?

According to ABC News, the brand Lululemon Athletica suffered a decline in stocks because they failed to listen to what people on social media were saying. Despite the tweets on Twitter all mentioning the transparency and recalling of the yoga pants, Lululemon only posted irrelevant topics that did not address the problem. The brand should have been aware of this conversation going on and dove right in to address the issues directly rather than ignore it.

What can be learned from this example? Brands really need to step it up and be active on social media. Listen to real conversations going on, made by real people. It really gives insight on what the consumers really want. Social media also has the power to increase or decrease the brand as highlighted from this article. The takeaways from this is that it is critical for brands to listen to what people are saying on social media. Find out where the conversations are happening and don’t ignore your customers.