Business Owners: Avoid Leaving Your Web Site Untouched

On the Web, brand recognition will only go so far. The phrase “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply to your web site. If you launch your organization’s web site, yet neglect it in the months following a successful launch, you’ll find it difficult to maintain a steady flow of traffic to your web site.

And while this may seem like common sense, many companies often launch their web site and do not update it for many months or years at a time. Businesses sometimes justify such inaction by touting their credibility and widespread brand recognition. This is a poor strategy every business owner should avoid.

A better approach treats your organization’s web site as a key element of your overall business strategy. Your web site should serve as an official communication medium between your organization and its customers. It should be regularly maintained and updated to ensure you are constantly communicating your organization’s values to your audience.

When visiting your web site, customers want some excitement and seek change. You should constantly engage your audience through a steady flow of new, innovative content. Avoid leaving your web site untouched and inactive, as your customers will simply migrate to other web sites.