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Instagram Change Got You Stressed? Get On Board Or Go Outside!

Instagram has been making headlines all week thanks to the new algorithm it will be releasing. You may have seen people (who you should just unfollow) that have are trying to get their followers to adjust with notifications. People keep complaining that the update will ‘ruin everything’ and ‘kill content’ and this couldn’t be further […]

Social Media: Do You Have the Time?

Time is arguably the most important asset for a business owner. If you’re a CEO or Founder of a company your time is needed everywhere. You’re constantly pulled from one department to another, in and out of meetings with potential clients, investors, and vendors. So, ask yourself, “Where is my time best spent?” Just a […]

Big Changes Coming to Instagram

Starting today, Instagram will no longer limit its users to its now-iconic square photos. You heard that right: portrait and landscape photos will now be a part of your feed along with the traditional square. Though the 1×1 ratio will still be the default setting, you will be able to choose these two new ratios to better tell […]

Your Image Guide for Social Media

What is social media all about for brands and business? Creating highly shareable content to build awareness of your brand or business to in turn, drive traffic and sales. That is the sum of it. Well, and also talking to customers, getting to know your fans and trying to please dissatisfied customers. Maybe some cross-branding too. […]

4 Laziest Design Tactics on Web and Print Media

I’m all for simplicity and minimalism – just ask my clients and colleagues and they’ll tell you the same thing. However, there is an enormous difference between simplicity and just straight up laziness that in turn impacts quality of work produced. Here are the 4 laziest design tactics you can utilize for web and print: […]

Facebook Gives More Controls for Your Feed

Facebook is constantly updating and improving – move fast and break stuff! In their latest effort to make sure users want to keep refreshing their feeds, they’ve enabled a feature that allows you to choose who you’d like to see content from first. Currently, Facebook measures what you most interact with in order to determine […]