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Social Media Audit: Major League Baseball

With the Fall Classic beginning tomorrow at Fenway Park, all eyes are on Major League Baseball. The World Series is one of the most anticipated events in all of sports and in the age of social media, that means for a few nights this month (and some in November,) the Twittersphere will be abuzz with […]

[EBOOK] Learning SEO for the Rest of the World

We live in an age where the way people shop has changed. People are continuously going online to search keywords into search engines like Google,  Bing and Yahoo to find out more about the product or service they need. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. By using SEO, you will be able to pick the […]

Twitter Unveils Direct Messaging to All

Always wanted to DM someone that wasn’t following you? Well, your wish may have been granted by Twitter itself. Overnight, Twitter unveiled the new ability to direct message individuals who are not following you. This option can be easily switched on and off, for those who fear they can be spammed with messages from anyone. In turn, […]

The Role of Social Media in the Redskins Name Controversy

The Washington Redskins are the third most valuable franchise in the NFL, according to Forbes. They also hold the top spot for the most controversial name in the league. Debate about whether or not the team should change its name has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks, with the majority of […]

Using LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is THE social networking site for business. Other social networks come and go, but LinkedIn is here to stay. It’s time for you to leverage the power of LinkedIn for you and your business. With over 2 million active company profiles, LinkedIn is a great resource available for businesses to use to their advantage. […]

Surprising Social Media Statistics

Ever thought every social network is basically, in one form or another, the same as the next? Think again. A recent study done by BI Intelligence,  shows that each individual social network has its own unique demographic. It has been widespread knowledge that this was always the case, but this report gives an extremely in-depth […]

Engaging Facebook Fans 101

  Have you tried using Facebook for marketing on your own? It’s frustrating. A post that seems great to you is just another story in someone’s news feed. It goes ignored, and your marketing suffers. The problem in many cases, is a lack of engagement within a post. Fortunately, you can take steps as a […]

Social Media Secrets Revealed: Part 3

For the past two weeks, we’ve been sharing our most cherished social media secrets. Now, our final three will be revealed in this post. Are you ready? 1. Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Social Media Strategy So, you have a great brand, an amazing product or service and are excited to see your […]

How to Use Google Alerts For Your Business

  Google Alerts are one of the most important online tools in your arsenal that can help you keep an ear out for what the internet is saying. Keep track of what people are saying about you, your company and even your competitors. Think of it as your own personal brand radar. What’s the best […]