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SEO 101: Meta Tags Are Not That Important

This the first post of Boucher + Co.’s “SEO 101” series. This post marks the first in a series of posts surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and commonly-held myths associated with “good” SEO practices.

SEO is a devil in disguise. Many people believe SEO efforts to be extraordinarily easy to master. At the same time, many people also deem SEO impossible. Both sides are wrong. SEO, when done correctly, is a highly-effective way to generate web traffic to, and sales leads on, your website.

Business Cards: You Only Get One First Impression

01 DECEMBER 2011 – These days, it’s tempting to argue that business cards are overrated. Critics say business cards are nothing more than a product of networking events, something that will sit on one’s desk and collect dust. That’s possible, but completely avoidable. Taking Boucher + Co.’s tips for an effective business card into account, one could turn their business card into a convenient, mobile marketing tool.

Soon after our foray into branding and advertising, we learned of the power of the business card as a marketing tool. That small, 2×3.5 inch rectangular card packs a lot of potential. The key is to balance a business card’s content between simplicity and a direct call-to-action.

The Implications of Tablets in the Workforce

20 JULY 2011 – It was March 2010. Apple had just announced its iPad tablet. Many analysts were quick to label the announcement a big mistake by the Silicon Valley giant.

But more than a year later, it’s apparent that they were dead wrong. Apple’s iPad has been a huge success, as reflected by the company’s recent earnings. And today, Apple’s second-in-command Tim Cook said “86 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have begun using the device.

Doctors: Let Patients Schedule Appointments Online

09 JUNE 2011 – Medical patients increasingly want to schedule their appointments online. So then, it’s no surprise that doctors and other medical professionals frequently lament on the lack of available options for online appointment scheduling. We get at least one phone call each week inquiring about such options.

The good news is that there are a few great options available for medical professionals.

Non-Web Designers, Avoid Building Your Web Site

We’re web developers. We make web sites. And we applaud your efforts to do the same. But, as much as we love and embrace creativity, we advise you against building a web site for your business. You create extra work for yourself. For novices, building a web site is never a simple task. It requires […]

Students: Build Your Personal Brand

In the United States, millions of students compete for higher-education degrees, and jobs, annually. So then, it’s no surprise that with the lasting effects of the 2008 financial crisis, students are finding it ever more difficult to land a (decent) job upon college graduation. As a result of this difficult job market, students must market […]

When Troubleshooting, It’s All or Nothing

Within this agency, we offer all of our clients 24/7/365 technical support. Whether you call us on a manic Monday, Christmas Eve., or Independence Day, we’ll respond. That’s because we know how much you value your effort to make a difference or be successful. We don’t want to leave you in the dark – anytime. […]

Server-Side Includes: A No-Brainer

We recently re-designed a large web site for an organization. On the outside, the site looked brilliant – it was colorful, attractive, and kept visitors entertained. Underneath that facade, however, the site’s source code was a nightmare. There was a lot of inconsistency between each page’s source code. What we initially anticipated to be a simple […]

IE6 is Just Not That Important Anymore (And Other Thoughts on Life)

Just last week I was quietly reflecting on the past decade while on a lengthy train ride. It’s common for me to reflect on past, present, and future trends. As an aspiring young leader, I often marvel at the accomplishments our society continues to make with each passing year. This particular thought session was dedicated […]